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Baryn Futa Found Solace in the Arts Later in Life

February 23, 2023

Because Baryn Futa believes that the art of the past is actually a communication from our ancestors, it is innately valuable. Art puts us in touch with them in a way that nothing else can; the art we all love on some level isa necessary and defining part of any culture, which elevates the importance of preserving art for future generations to a very high level. Of course, that type of effort makes art museums and private collectors immensely important.
Baryn Futa has not always had such a high level of art appreciation. In fact, Baryn didn’t really come to appreciate the arts until he was retired and took a job at the Denver Art Museum. He’s certainly made up for lost time, however, given that he now does everything he can to cultivate a love of the arts among everyone he meets over the course of his daily life. He feels that keeps the communication chain going for our descendants, Baryn Futa is adamant that we preserve as much art as possible for the future. Not only does Baryn Futa have his own impressive art collection, but he also lends his pieces to art museums whenever possible. That way, more people can enjoy and learn to appreciate art the way he has learned to.